Nightforce Direct Mount Review: Reader's Comments


To see my full review of the Nightforce Direct Mounts, please visit the Gunsumer Reports website by going to this link.


  1. Thank you so much for this. I am currently putting a scope on my 700 AAC-SD. I was totally impressed by the Nightforce mount, but totally confused about the heights. I almost made the mistake of ordering the tall mounts for my 50mm scope because I thought the dimension given by Nightforce HAD to be from the mounting surface to scope centerline. Thats the only scenario that made sense to me as a specification for the application of the mount. It really makes no sense to me why they would use such a subjective dimension to sell such a high quality mount. Or, like you said, why even bother with the tall version, or even the medium.

    Again, thank you for your review. I found it extremely informative and helpful.

  2. Very detailed. Thank you. I am putting a Nightforce scope on my 700 .308 with the direct mounts and too was confused about the heights. I will also take your advice and go ahead and bed the mount.

  3. I recently installed the short mount on my Remington 700 7mm-08 and am now shooting the best 300 yd groups I've ever shot. Thank-you for the detailed review and instructions!